Akash coke deals in Local-to-global scale market in coal segment. We have around 500+ human assets working with us. Production and transportation are great attributes which adds tremendous value in a modern coke manufacturing company and its value chain. We use very high quality coal and its process of making is based on modern technology use. We being one of the leading producer in Jharkhand, we retail across different areas of India, Colombia and Japan. We believe that every employee is our Asset and we ensure complete safety and precautionary measures while production of coke. Clients among other stakeholders are made sure to be fully satisfied of our timely delivery with efficient quality goods in meeting their demand.
We stand at a position from years of expertise to ensure Trust Prevails and Happiness of all is taken care of.

Why blast furnace is important for Hard coke plant units

For any Economy in the world, Steel plays a vital role. And since Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) is the most common steel making technology used globally, coal becomes of great importance. In the process of BOF, ore is reduced to liquid metal in blast furnaces and refined in converter to make steel and Coal it place as Fuel during this.
Though Akashcoke has been producing coal locally from years to meet such demands in Steel making process, however we have also to import coke cross globe to meet the demand cycle of steel making.

Coal Washery division

Once coal is extracted, it has many impurities which impacts in its quality as a fuel. So, coal preparation plant is set up to wash off soil, rocks and other impurities of coal. End product is known as washed coal, which is eco-friendly and have better prices due to its higher quality. Once the raw extracted coal comes to Akashcoke, we make sure that it goes through the tremendous cleaning mechanising and becomes the best and pure marketable coal without changing its physical property.
At Akshcoke, coal washing is done as per the guidelines set by the Government and ensure that we deliver the coal which has best efficiency as a fuel.
Akashcoke’s Coal Washer is captive plant facility that just not washes coal, soil and rock but also crushes it to graded sized chunks and stockpiles grades preparing it as a good to ease supply chain while transporting. Our washery can wash upto 150 tons per hour.